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    Owenhouse Parts Department

    Visit our Parts Department when you need parts for your power equipment. We carry many common parts and can order many more. Stop by or call to see if we have what you need: 406.587.5405

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    In-Store Charge Accounts

    Whether it's for business or personal use, our in-store charge accounts are very convenient and easy to use.

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    Gift Registry

    Register with Owenhouse for your next special event, we've got gifts for all occasions! Look for the Gift Registry book at both stores and online here.

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    Gift Cards

    We love to talk about the convenience of our ACE Gift Card! Let us help you redeem or purchase an ACE Gift Card, it’s the perfect present to give or receive.

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    Gift Wrapping

    Let us save you some time by gift wrapping your purchase for you!

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    Special Order

    Looking for a particular item we don’t have in stock? Just let us know and we are happy to work with you to get it ordered.
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    If we sell it, we can assemble it! Free assembly on most items, please ask for more information.

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    Free local delivery. Some charges may apply for larger deliveries and deliveries outside the Bozeman area. Please inquire about costs.

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    Old Grill Removal

    If you purchase a new grill from Owenhouse and have it delivered, we'll gladly take away your old grill for recycling at no extra cost.

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    Propane Tanks

    Don't get caught with an empty tank! Purchase a new one or exchange your empties.

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    Bulk Propane - West Store

    Propane getting low? Bring your tank to our West store to have it refilled or just topped off. The bulk propane tank is located in the northeast corner of the parking lot, with a convenient call box to get you the assistance you need.
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    Filling River Tubes

    To beat the heat on those hot summer days, why not go floating? Owenhouse carried a large selection of river tubes every summer and each tube you purchase comes with a free fill. If you already have your tube, we'll fill it for $2.00 a tube so you can be on the river in no time!

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    Firewood Permits

    Purchase Forest Service Firewood Permits, a minimum of 4 cords for $24 each, from the West office or the Downtown Parts Department. Read more information here.

  • Christmas tree permits - November & December only

    Christmas Tree Permits - November & December only

    During the holiday season Forest Service Christmas Tree Permits will be available at our West store and Downtown Parts Department. Find more information on Christmas Tree Permits here.

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    Paint Color Matching

    We can mix paint to match the color of any item - just bring in a sample of the color you want to match. Browse our Paint Department to see what we have in stock.

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    Paint Fan Decks

    Having a hard time deciding what color to get? Let us help! Owenhouse has a number of paint fan decks that you may take home, with a $15 refundable deposit, to help you find the right color for the job. Fan decks must be returned, in good condition, within two weeks of checkout for a deposit refund. Inquire at the Paint Department at either store for more information.

  • Home, Auto and Vehicle Chip Key Cutting thumbnail

    Home, Auto and Vehicle Chip Key Cutting

    Do you have a spare key in case you lock yourself out of your home or car? Swing by the store and we can make one up for you. We can cut and program automotive chip keys, program key fobs and sidewinder car keys. Visit our Key Center page for more information.

  • Lock Rekeying thumbnail

    Lock Rekeying

    Do you have a lock that needs rekeying? Do you have too many keys to get into your house? For $10.00 our qualified staff will rekey your Schlage or Kwikset door knob or deadbolt. If it's a newer Kwikset lock, it may be designed using SmartKey technology to make rekeying quick and easy. We'll gladly show you how to rekey those locks for free!

  • Engraved dog tag


    Engraving services are offered at both Owenhouse locations. We carry both generic and specialty tags in multiple shapes and sizes so you can pick up a new ID tag for your dog or cat, purchase a new luggage tag, or maybe even do both. Owenhouse also offers key engraving services on specific styles of key blank.

    *Some tags and key blanks will be available by special order only.

  • Knife & Scissor Sharpening thumbnail

    Knife & Scissor Sharpening

    Are your knives or scissors dull and in serious need of sharpening? Stop by and let us do it for you. Knives are $4.00 each and scissors are $5.00 a pair. Additional labor charges may be applied to heavily damaged blades that require extra time to re-hone.

    * We cannot sharpen ceramic knives, knives with small/micro serrations or some hunting knives with thick blades.

  • Image of pipe cutter with metal pipe pieces

    Cutting Services

    We specialize in cutting by the foot, here’s a list of some of items we cut to size in the store: - Aluminum, Fiberglass, Bronze, and Plastic Pet Screens - Steel Chain, Decorative Chain, Steel Cable, and Rope - Sheeting, Vinyl Sheeting - Conduit, PVC, Flex Conduit, Flex PVC
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    Screen Repair Services

    We can repair or replace any door, window, or patio screen.

  • Cable Crimping thumbnail

    Cable Crimping

    If you've got a project that requires a specialized pieces of cable with various crimps and ends, we can help! We sell coated and uncoated steel cable by the foot and have a heavy duty cable crimper to help you build customer pieces right here in the store.

  • Pipe Cutting & Threading thumbnail

    Pipe Cutting & Threading

    Looking for a specially sized piece of pipe? We cut and thread steel and black utility pipe in our Repair Shop.

  • Chainsaw Chain & Mower Blade Sharpening thumbnail

    Chainsaw Chain & Mower Blade Sharpening

    Let us help keep your chainsaw and mower working efficiently with our sharpening services.

  • Rechargeable Battery Recycling thumbnail

    Rechargeable Battery Recycling

    Do you have rechargeable batteries that just aren't carrying a charge anymore? We have a program to help you safely dispose of them for free. Drop them off at the West store or the Downtown Parts Department.

  • New Power Equipment Servicing thumbnail

    New Power Equipment Servicing

    When you purchase a piece power equipment, such as a chainsaw or a generator, we'll service it for you. Now's the time to ask questions as we add gas, oil and start it up. We'll even submit the warranty for you!

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    Power Equipment Repair

    We offer full service equipment repair at our Downtown location. Stop in and drop of your equipment that needs service or repair. See a full list of brands we service here.

  • Small Engine Repair thumbnail

    Small Engine Repair

    Do you own a small engine that just isn't running like it should? Bring it on in to our Downtown store and let our professionals diagnose the problem. See our Repair Shop page for more information.