Our Top 10 Favorite Garden Flowers


After waiting (not so patiently) all winter, we are thrilled that the sun is shining, the snow is gone and our Garden Center is finally open! In honor of all things beautiful and bright, we put together our top 10 favorite garden flowers list.

We’re featuring some of our favorite Owenhouse Ace Hardware garden flowers, both annuals, and perennials, that grow well in Montana and can be found in our Garden Center. Although some of these flowers are normal lawn and garden center standouts, we’re sharing some unique facts about each that might surprise you! For example, did you know that the Gerbera Daisy emits oxygen and absorbs toxins and carbon monoxide at night instead of during the day like most flowers? Because of this, it’s common for people to place a vase of daisies by their bed for a good night’s sleep!

Garden Center Flowers Owenhouse Ace Hardware - Bozeman, Montana

Straw Flower On Owenhouse Ace Hardware - Bozeman, Montana

Flower #1:  Straw Flower (Annual)

Color: Yellow rays, brown centers, orange chestnut-red

Bloom Period: Mid-summer until frost

Planting Time: Early spring

Fun Facts: Birds, bees, and butterflies all love the strawflower! It’s also great for dried bouquets.


Siberian Iris Flower on Owenhouse Ace Hardware - Bozeman, Montana


Flower #2:  Siberian Iris (Perennial)

Color: Range of blue shades – violet-blue, blue, occasionally white

Bloom Period: May-June

Planting Time: Late summer or autumn

Fun Facts: Its name is taken from the Greek word for rainbow, which is also the name for the Greek goddess of the rainbow, Iris. Additionally, the bright lines on the petal serve as nectar guides, directing pollinators toward the nectar.

California Poppy Flower on Owenhouse Ace Hardware - Bozeman, Montana

Flower #3:  California Poppy (Annual)

Color: Yellow, orange, orange-red, red

Bloom Period: Summer

Planting Time: Early spring

Fun Facts: The state flower of California, the California Poppy was used for both food and oil by the indigenous people of the state. Poppies have long been used for holistic medicine in the treatment of muscle aches, abdominal cramping, and more. 

Impatiens Flower on Owenhouse Ace Hardware - Bozeman, Montana

Flower #4:  Impatiens (Annual)

Color: White, yellow, red, pink

Bloom Period: Spring to late fall

Planting Time: May

Fun Facts: Also known as the “Touch-Me-Not,” these plants are not for the warm and fuzzy! When the seed capsules mature and are touched they will “explode” into the air sending seeds flying as far as 20 feet away from the plant. Despite this, they are the most popular annual bedding plant in the US, acting as a shade-loving ground cover.

Portulaca Flower on Owenhouse Ace Hardware - Bozeman, Montana

Flower #5:  Portulaca (Annual)

Color: Yellow, orange, red, pink, white, bicolors

Bloom Period: Late spring to frost

Planting Time: Early spring

Fun Facts: Portulaca, or moss rose, is great for the beginner gardener because of their forgiving, low maintenance nature. Although they can tolerate a little neglect, they produce beautiful blooms.

Gerber Daisy Flower on Owenhouse Ace Hardware - Bozeman, Montana

Flower #6:  Gerbera Daisy (Perennial)

Color: Pink, purple, yellow, salmon, orange, white

Bloom Period: Late spring and summer

Planting Time: Mid to late summer

Fun Facts: This flower is supposed to have been discovered in 1880 by Robert Jameson in South Africa while he was operating a gold mine. Also, many people place gerberas by their beds to enjoy a more restful sleep! They emit oxygen and absorb toxins and carbon monoxide at night instead of during the day like most flowers.

Daffodil Flowers on Owenhouse Ace Hardware - Bozeman, Montana

Flower #7:  Daffodils (Perennial)

Color: Yellow or white

Bloom Period: Late winter and early spring

Planting Time: Fall

Fun Facts: Gifting a bouquet of daffodils is believed to ensure happiness to the recipient but according to legend, bad luck may be on the horizon if only a single daffodil is presented.

Dahlia Flower on Owenhouse Ace Hardware - Bozeman, Montana

Flower #8:  Dahlia (Annual)

Color: All colors, except blue

Bloom Period: Summer and fall

Planting Time: Start inside, transplant after frost

Fun Facts: The dahlia is the official flower of the city of Seattle. This outdoor plant was discovered growing wild in Mexico and was later sent to Spain by Spanish settlers in the 18th century. There are many varieties of dahlias, some as small as 12 inches high to others can grow to be 6’ tall!

Geraniums flowers on Owenhouse Ace Hardware - Bozeman, Montana

Flower #9:  Geraniums (Annual)

Color: Red, pink, salmon, white

Bloom Period: Mid-late summer

Planting Time: After frost

Fun Facts: What we think of as geraniums are actually not geraniums at all! The naming problem occurred in the 17th century when the first pelargoniums (what we think of as geraniums) were brought to Europe. Because they looked similar to the perennial plant, they were called geraniums and the name has been used ever since! But these plants are not actually members of the Geranium family. That family consists of a winter-hardy perennial shrub; not the blooming summer annual we tend to think of. 

Verbena Flower on Owenhouse Ace Hardware - Bozeman, Montana

Flower #10:  Verbena (Annual)

Color: White, pink, scarlet, blue

Bloom Period: June to late fall

Planting Time: Early spring

Fun Facts: This colorful, bright blue flower smells of lemon and is welcome in any butterfly garden. Their lower hanging flowers are great in hanging baskets and, a bonus for us in Montana, deer resistant!

Garden Center Flowers arrangements on Owenhouse Ace Hardware - Bozeman, Montana


With so many beautiful flowers to choose from it was hard to narrow it down to our 10 favorites! Also, we didn’t know that fun fact about gifting a bouquet of daffodils. Good thing we’ve never been presented a single daffodil from someone. Kidding aside, flowers have such a long history and there are so many fun facts out there to discover.

Montana State University recommends using annual flowers in perennial plant beds to keep a variety of colors and interest in your garden bed following early-blooming flower bulbs and perennials. Although starting a garden can seem overwhelming, you really don’t need that many gardening supplies to begin. Let us get you started at Owenhouse Ace Hardware, our garden experts can answer any questions you might have and we’re sure to have plants for sale that will keep your growing garden in budget!

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