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At Owenhouse Ace we have an entire Key Center! As your local hardware store we are your one-stop-shop for everything you need to keep your home, car, business, and more secure! Our experts are ready to answer any questions you have about key cutting, lock rekeying, and changing locks.

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Rekey Locks | Home Key Cutting | Automotive Chip Key


Rekey Locks

Did you move into a new home and are uncertain who else has a key? Did you lose a house key and are worried someone will find it? Did you fire an angry employee who has a key to your business? Did your significant other or roommate move out on bad terms and you don’t feel comfortable because they have a key and could re-enter at any time? Do you have multiple keys for different locks and want them all to match a single key? 

These are the scenarios where we recommend to our customers to simply rekey locks. Many people are not aware that lock rekeying is frequently a much better and less expensive option than changing their locks entirely. In order to rekey a lock, we will need to have a current matching key.

During the rekeying process, existing key pins are swapped out for new ones. Key pins are extremely low in price, so with rekeying you are predominately paying for labor, whereas with replacing locks you are paying for both labor and parts. A typical rekeying lock cost is $10 for Schlage, Kwikset, or Ace brand door knobs or deadbolts. That is hard to beat! If you have a newer Kwikset lock, it may have SmartKey technology which makes the Kwikset rekey process quick, easy, and a DIY project our employees will show you how to do for free! And do not fear, rekeying a lock does not impact its security. Home lock rekeying is the most common customer rekey request we get, but whether it is residential lock rekeying or commercial lock rekeying, we have employees who are highly trained to take on whatever rekeying need you have!

Keep in mind that if you want to match more than one lock to the same key, the locks must be the same brand or share the same types of keyholes. If the key for one lock does not fit at all in another lock, that means their keyholes are different and they cannot be matched. In that situation, you would need to get your locks replaced.


key replacement Bozeman Montana


Home Key Cutting

Everyone needs a spare house key. Having a key replacement makes it less likely that you will lock yourself out of your house. There is nothing more inconvenient than getting locked outside which can make you late for work, school, important appointments, and generally, just ruin your day. A frustrating situation can turn dangerous if young children or pets get locked inside and you are stuck outside. You should strongly consider hiding a key copy outside of your house in a lockbox or a hide-a-key. At Owenhouse Ace, we carry all the key accessories you need to prevent home lockouts! Additionally, you may want to hand out a key copy to friends or family for easy access to your home or for safekeeping. Whatever your reason(s) for needing a key copy, you will need to visit our key cutting service department. 

Key duplication is a quick and easy process. At Owenhouse Ace we have a wide assortment of key blanks so you can choose the type of metal, the size, and even bright colorful designs to help you remember what the key is for. You only need to bring in the key you wish to make a copy of, then our staff will help you determine which designs are available for your new key and have a new copy made in only a few minutes.

Please be advised that if your key says “Do Not Duplicate,” we will not duplicate the key.


Lock Rekeying


Automotive Chip Key

COVID-19 Update: Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we are currently not programming auto chip keys and key fobs, to adhere to CDC recommendations and to continue to keep our team and customers safe.

At Owenhouse Ace we are your one-stop-shop for all kinds of keys, and that includes automotive car key cutting, chip keys, and key fob replacement for most popular automotive makes and models!

For general automotive key cutting, the process is similar to cutting a house key. These are the keys that unlock your car door by inserting it into the door like you do when entering your home. These car key replacements can be made by one of our trained employees using our key cutting machine. 

Automotive chip key copying is slightly more involved. Car manufacturers use chip keys to make cars harder to steal. Each chip key has a unique digital code that communicates with and pairs with a specific vehicle. Replacing chip keys is more difficult and expensive than replacing other types of car keys but we are proud to have the technology and trained staff to assist you at Owenhouse Ace! Just know that an additional chip key can only be cut if you have one of the original chip keys.

If you have a key fob and want it duplicated, we may be able to help you with that. Key fobs can be tricky. If the key fob was part of the factory-installed system of your car, we can duplicate it. If it is an aftermarket “add on”, then we cannot duplicate it because it was not part of the original internal computer system of the car. If you are unsure if your key fob is part of your car’s factory-installed system or an aftermarket add on, we can help you figure it out! 

Another type of key we can duplicate is a valet key. Many people do not realize they have a valet key or forget to use it. Your car’s valet key generally unlocks the driver’s side door and can be used to start the car. It cannot unlock your trunk or glove box. This key is perfect when you are letting someone else drive your vehicle but want to keep personal items secured, such as when you pull up at a restaurant and give the valet parking attendant your keys. Do not hand over your entire key ring, just hand over the valet key!  If all you have is a valet key, we will not be able to duplicate it to create a chip key. If you have any questions about what types of keys we can duplicate, stop in our Key Center and we will be happy to assist you!


key replacement Bozeman Montana

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