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De La Terre

De La Terre Ceramic Cookware at Owenhouse Ace Bozeman

De La Terre Cookware 

We are excited to introduce to you De La Terre (“of the Earth” in French) ceramic cookware! Now available at both Owenhouse Ace locations! It is the only ceramic cookware line designed for performance in the oven, on the stovetop, in the microwave, and even on the grill! Each piece of De La Terre is thermal-shock-resistant so it can go directly from the freezer to the oven, to the table, to the dishwasher!  A truly all-in-one ceramic cookware set that is lightweight, durable, beautifully designed for table presentation, and highly versatile. A must-have for all home chefs!

About De La Terre Cookware

De La Terre cookware is the best ceramic cookware set available. De La Terre has ceramic pots, pans, and dishes of various sizes. They sell everything individually or as a ceramic cookware set. 

Here is an overview of their entire line

De La Terre Baking Dish at Owenhouse Ace Bozeman

Large Baking Dish: Designed for convenience and flexibility, this dish can do it all. Baked casseroles, seared then braised roasts, and baked desserts like cakes are some of the common everyday uses for this dish. 

Large Dutch Oven: The traditional cooking vessel that everyone needs in modern life! The dutch oven is lightweight and truly one-pot meal convenience at its best. Hearty stews, braised meats, and rustic bread are some of the highlights of this ceramic pot. 

Small Dutch Oven: Why would you need a small dutch oven if you already have a large one? The small ceramic dutch oven is the perfect choice for compact dishes like smaller soup recipes and appetizers like baked dips. 

De La Terre Ceramic Saute Pan at Owenhouse Ace Bozeman

Large Saute Pan: A kitchen staple that can move from stovetop to oven to table, streamlining the cooking (and post-meal clean up) process, and finishing with a beautiful tabletop presentation. Searing steaks, large stir-fries, egg frittatas, and more are what you can look forward to making with this ceramic pan. 

Small Saute Pan: Another kitchen staple for everyone, this sidekick to the large saute pan will not only make your life easier but will allow you to make your main course and side dishes at the same time. Sauteed vegetables, grilled sandwiches, and fried egg dishes will come to life with this ceramic pan. 

De La Terre Square Baking Dish at Owenhouse Ace Bozeman

Square baking dish: Designed for baking side dishes and smaller desserts, this ceramic dish is another must-have. Roasted vegetables, bubbling lasagna, and gooey brownies are what you will be whipping up with this square ceramic baking dish. 

Oval baking dish: A kitchen classic for a variety of uses! The oval ceramic dish is perfect for fruit cobblers, decadent pies, side dishes like potatoes au gratin, or casseroles for two. 

Small baking dish: Last but not least, the small versatile ceramic baking dish. Ideal for roasting vegetable side dishes, baked pasta recipes like mac and cheese, banana bread, and smaller desserts. 

De La Terre FAQs

Here are the most common questions we get about De la Terre:

De La Terre Oval ceramic baking dish at Owenhouse Ace Bozeman

Can you use De La Terre on an electric or induction stove? Yes! De La Terre can be used over a direct flame on a gas stovetop but when using electric or induction stoves we recommend an induction or diffuser plate. When using a De La Terre pan on a glass top electric stove, we recommend that you use a diffuser plate to protect your stovetop. When using a De La Terre pan directly on a coil style electric stovetop, we recommend the burner be brought up to searing temperatures over medium heat.

Are De La Terre products dishwasher safe? Yes! De La Terre ceramic cookware is nonstick, which makes it very easy to hand wash but it is also 100% dishwasher safe.

Is De La Terre oven and broiler safe? Yes! All De La Terre products are high heat versatile which makes them oven and broiler safe.

Can it be used on a gas range or grill? Yes! The entire De La Terre line is safe for use over an open flame. This means you can safely use your ceramic pots and pans over a gas stovetop as well as your gas or charcoal grill.

Is De La Terre 100% ceramic? Yes! De La Terre products are made from proprietary high heat clay and coated with a chemical-free non-stick ceramic glaze. 

Are all De La Terre products non-stick? Yes! The glaze on all De La Terre products is naturally non-stick. No chemicals are used to make this cookware nonstick.

What is the max temp this product can handle? The maximum temperature for all De La Terre ceramic pots, pans, and dishes is 700°F.

Can you use metal utensils with these pans? Yes! De La Terre proprietary non-stick ceramic is scratch resistant. 

Cooking with Ceramic Cookware

De La Terre Ceramic Baking Dish at Owenhouse Ace Bozeman

SEARING: Searing meat at a high temperature briefly on the stovetop before braising helps lock in the flavor. Sear meat in a De La Terre ceramic pan first then move that same pan straight into the oven. A streamlined cooking process with fewer dishes to clean up after! 

PREP, CLEAN UP & STORAGE: De La Terre is an all-in-one cooking and food storage product.  Spend less time preparing to cook your meals and cleaning up after! Use ceramic pots and dishes to store food in the refrigerator or freezer before and after cooking. You can remove the ceramic pot or dish from the refrigerator or freezer and put it straight into the microwave or oven, or directly over an open flame on the grill. All of De La Terre ceramic pots, pans, and dishes are dishwasher safe as well. 

FREEZER TO OVEN FLEXIBILITY: De La Terre’s thermal-shock resistant line makes you more efficient in the kitchen! Meal prep is something we all should be doing more of and De La Terre makes it easy. Prepare your meals in advance, store them in the freezer using the dish or pot you will cook them in, then when you are ready, pop it in the oven to make dinner effortlessly!

SAFE FOR ALL FOODS: De La Terre ceramic pots, pans, and dishes are safe for your health and to use for all foods. They are naturally nonstick without Teflon® or PTFE and safe for all types of food, regardless of their acidity levels.

LIGHTWEIGHT AND EASY TO HANDLE: Compare De La Terre to the classic cast iron! Their ceramic skillets and frying pans are 43% lighter than cast iron, heats up 4% faster, and retains heat 19% longer.

De La Terre Ceramic Frying Pan at Owenhouse Ace Bozeman

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